Who is vicki from real housewives of orange county dating

The tearful reconciliation took place on Monday night during the second and final part of The Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion.

Tamra, 50, initially was furious with Vicki for spreading rumors about her husband Eddie being gay.

So this isn't anything new Tamra just started to bring up. when Tamra started dating him and this rumor started to go around, did any of you go directly to Tamra and actually address it? She said, "Could you believe there's a rumor out there that he's gay? We only know Ricky because Tamra and Eddie introduced him to us. Why would this be something any of the girls would feel that they should bring up? Gunvalson: I didn't sign up for every piece of me to be exposed. She said, "Why is it ok that Tamra keeps ticketing you and talking about you and hurting you when she doesn’t want anybody to talk about her?

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There was a rumor that I didn't invite Ricky but I did. Too Fab: So you're saying to Tamra, to the viewers, to everyone, that you didn't orchestrate it, you didn't start the rumor... We were sitting at a table and we were talking like old times. Meghan and Kelly Dodd then feuded about how Kelly had questioned Meghan's mothering skills.'Why are you so damaged?' asked Meghan bitterly.'I'm not damaged,' snapped Kelly, who had previously admitted she was wrong to say those things.The former model also demanded an apology from Peggy Sulahian, for 'clipping' her lips shut with her fingers 'three times'.'Don't you think you needed your lips clipped? Shannon endured a stormy season due to the breakdown of her marriage to David.She accused Lydia of repeatedly goading her to 'get a reaction'.'Make yourself relevant Lydia, mission accomplished,' barked the 53-year-old.'She didn't want to admit that her marriage was falling apart,' commented Tamra.

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