Who is dating sarah chalke

However, both ultimately defied expectations-Becky eloped when she was 17 to Mark Healy (someone Roseanne did not approve of) and faced several hectic years whereas Darlene was accepted early at an arts college in Chicago and found a stable romance with David, Mark's younger brother-although she eventually became pregnant and married David at age 19.

didn’t have much of a relationship as they were 6 years apart and Becky resented having to ferry her brother everywhere around Lanford.

Despite having a better relationship with her mother, in terms of personalities Becky was slightly nearer to her father; both are stubborn and do not take disappointments easily, but they are survivors and protective of their families Darlene and Becky often fought like cats and dogs whilst they lived together, squabbling over territory and status in the house.

Darlene was the tougher, feistier one whilst Becky saw her position as eldest as her right.

Her cover story is that she’s engaged to an investment banker named Steven, who has a low sperm count.

She’s also in therapy, so they haven’t set a wedding date yet.

Keep in mind, however, Jesse and Gabi still don’t fess up about their partners or children. Maybe don’t make up when your parents are clearly on the move in an RV and can easily change their travel plans to visit. I gotta say, seeing Flo confuse Max from behind for Steven was pretty funny.

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Becky was Darlene's bridesmaid at her wedding and was there for her when Darlene went into early labor, almost losing her baby.

She always considered him weird,confirmed when she found the box of doll heads under his bed.

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