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Gotland is a beautiful island, but any hopes Maria may have had of pursuing the perpetrators of minor traffic breaches is soon dashed as a number of gruesome murders take place in this Scandanavian paradise and Maria at times needs to ensure the security of her kids.I think Norse mythology and the occult permeate the Scandanavian culture and identity and if you watch Swedish crime as often as I do then you'll expect the occasional plot line to have its genesis in some bizarre ritualistic obsession.Il est connu en Allemagne pour avoir joué dans de nombreux téléfilms et en invité dans quelques séries.Il est aussi connu pour avoir joué dans de nombreuses comédies musicales telles que Grease, Hair, Fame, Moulin rouge...Other Neoglacial advances dated here match the timing of previously described Alpine Neoglacial events. At Rateau Glacier, discordant results are thought to reflect exhumation and snow cover of the shortest moraine boulders.

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Our results indicate that EDJ morphology can discriminate with a high degree of reliability between Neanderthals and recent modern humans at every molar position, and discriminate between the earlier and the later Neanderthal samples at every molar position, except for the M in form space.

We further review Alpine and Northern Hemisphere mid-to-high latitude evidence for climate change and glacier activity concomitant with the ‘4.2 ka event’.

The ‘2.1 ka advance’ was not extensively dated in the Alps and is thought to represent a prominent advance in early Roman times.

See full summary » During a snowy Christmas season in Sweden, psychologist and profiler Inger Johanne Vik finds not only herself but also her autistic daughter drawn into the investigation of a number of ...

See full summary » Maria Wern is a widowed Swedish police inspector who takes her two young children from Stockholm to the east coast island of Gotland to start a new life.

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