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He then spoke of a cataclysmic race war which would be won by blacks.However, he went on, after exterminating all the whites (except the Family, who would hide in secret caves beneath California’s Death Valley), they would be unable to govern themselves and would be forced to turn to him for salvation.Aged 83, he died on Sunday of natural causes in a California hospital where he had been taken on a medical trolley surrounded by five prison guards.His passing is unlikely to end the extraordinary mystique that has surrounded a semi-literate habitual criminal and manipulative conman who revelled in his notoriety.

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It did little good as the compulsive thief and cheque forger spent much of his childhood in juvenile detention centres and — eventually — prisons.

He also learned to play the guitar, and became obsessed with the Beatles, vowing to become even more successful than them.

After he was released from a second prison stint in 1967 — having violated his probation over a forged cheque — he moved to the capital of hippiedom, the Haight Ashbury district of San Francisco, in time for the famous ‘Summer of Love’.

With his Jesus-like beard, he became something of a guru, peddling a bizarre creed which was a concoction of Scientology, the Book of Revelations, hippie anti-authoritarianism and the writings of Hitler.

It was complete drivel, yet it drew him a following among some two dozen drug-addled young people who’d fled family issues and were looking for leadership. They ended up in Los Angeles, where Manson worked on getting a record deal — farming out his female followers for sex with any man he thought might be useful to him.

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