Webcams for free no cc required

So if you need to be notified via email when a motion is detected by Cyberlink You Cam, use version 4 instead. Logitech Webcam Software Since Logitech is a commonly used webcam, we thought we should mention that the Logitech Webcam Software comes with a very basic Motion Detection module that is able to automatically record both video and audio when motion is being detected.

Some branded computers such as Dell can use Logitech webcams which makes it possible for the software to be installed and used.

The free version of Sighthound Video is limited to only 1 camera with low resolution recordings. Yawcam Believe it or not, Yawcam has been around for a decade!

Although Yawcam’s development isn’t very active, the author of this video security software has at least made an effort to keep the project going by releasing updates from time to time, mainly to fix bugs.

You can also find if the video surveillance software can do live streaming automatically or through manual refresh.

Rear View Mirror, Sentry Vision, Sighthound Video and You Cam don’t have text overlay support to embed additional information such as the time and date of recordings to the video.

Webcams are very common nowadays and most, if not all modern laptops come with one built-in at the top center above the screen.

It can be used for a lot of different purposes such as making a video call (chatting, demonstration, conference, webinar), taking pictures of yourself and even logging in to a computer using face recognition.

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Sighthound Video is very user friendly but it runs multiple processes that take up a huge amount of memory.

Sentry Vision Sentry Vision is free webcam surveillance software that only works on webcams and not on IP cameras.

It can record both video from a webcam and audio from a microphone if it is available on the computer.

As you can see from the screenshot above, you are only able to set the recording end time and define the area that you want to detect for motion.

Oddly the auto e-mail feature is disabled in version 5 prompting you to upgrade to a paid version 6 while it is fully enabled in version 4.

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