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He showed me the script of and I immediately loved it. John had the same feelings I did – do something different.

Later, he said the part of Justice was written with me in mind, and I was flattered. Then when I accepted the role, other voices started asking, ' How can a rich girl from the burbs play a homegirl from the hood?

We start out where Janet started out, in Encino, Calif., an affluent white-bread section of the suburban San Fernando Valley. I've seen that they're exceedingly warm, well mannered but locked in a peculiar kind of loneliness. He was my best friend, and I couldn't stand the thought of his leaving.

"When Janet Jackson speaks to you, she often employs the direct address, adding intimacy to the conversation. When I ask her to talk more about the sexual content of and its influence on her new album, she replies: "David, Justice is real to me. And, no, she's not ready for sex, not in the time frame of this movie. I was not willing, though, to show my short and curlies.Her sensitivity is as apparent as the body she has worked so hard to perfect. But here is what I see: soft shy smile, tiny waist, snappy booty – among her dancers, the troupe she calls the Kids, Janet's nickname is Booty – high cheekbones, copper coloring to her hair, luminous skin. The music is pumping, the message obvious as an orgasm. Yet, here with Janet, I'm reluctant to bring up sex. Despite this new album and its preoccupation with carnal knowledge, despite this battery of sizzling videos, Janet silently demands decorum on the part of an interviewer. On a psychological level, though, good sex, satisfying sex, is also linked with losing yourself, releasing, using your body to get out of your body. I love feeling deeply sexual – and don't mind letting the world know. The problem was with my perception, not with their hearts. Her singing is stronger – especially her self-styled harmonies, her way of shadowing herself.She's petite in stature and whisper quiet when speaking. There is the phenomenon of Janet, off camera, watching herself being watched in this video of watchers, while another film crew makes a video on the making of the video. As silly as it sounds, I sense myself protecting her from the brashness of my own balls-out approach. For me, sex has become a celebration, a joyful part of the creative process."Janet is intrigued with the process – writing, dancing, developing concepts. "Every aspect of my recording or performance is vital," she states adamantly. And then suddenly I'm off to Minneapolis, and these guys, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, are running around cursing like crazy. It's taken me a while to realize – and rap has really helped educate me – that language is not an absolute. Back in 1989, when I compared the movie is a story of sexual suppression, and a few days later, sitting on the balcony outside Janet's cozy beach house, I see it as a way of directing our dialogue back to sex. The orange juice is freshly squeezed, the wheat bread unbuttered. You could say I've entered a happy phase of sexuality."I urge her to be more specific."He's one of the few people out here who's absolutely true to his art.

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