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Count(Function(c) c = ".") Dim ch(10) As Char Dim len As Integer len = Text Box1. (Note this will need a separate property per Text Box) First create the property: Public Class Properties Implement INotify Property Changed Private _Variable as Integer Public Property Your Property as Object get Return _Variable end get set(value as Object) _Variable = value. To Integer 'I will give the To Integer extension code later end set end property Public Event Property Changed As Property Changed Event Handler Implements INotify Property Changed. Data Context = _Your Variable End With End Sub _ Public Function to Integer(Of T)(By Ref X As T, Optional I As Integer = 0) As Integer Dim S As String = X. Empty Dim Return Int As Integer Dim Parsed As Byte For Each Character In S. Meaning that if the operator entered "-1w3" after focus changes it will return as "-13" automatically. Key Press Dim tb As Text Box = CType(sender, Text Box) If Not Is Numeric(e.

Empty Dim Return Int As Integer Dim Parsed As Integer For Each Character In s. EDIT: I found another method that can work if you use properties in your code. Parse(S) End If Catch Dim result As String = String. To String With all these combined whenever they type something into the box it will act as if it were a textbox but when they change focus the To Integer extension will set the value as an integer into the property and return it to the textbox. Key Char) Then 'If not Numeric Check if a Control If e.

Handled = True End If End Sub Private Sub Data_Key Press(sender As Object, e As Key Press Event Args) Handles Data.

Here's a simple one, let user's freely type their entry then trap the error later: Private Sub Button1_Click(By Val sender As System. Text) 'This check if entry can be converted to 'numeric value from 0-10, if cannot return a negative value. To Int32(the Entry) If the Number Private Sub Text Box1_Key Press(sender As System.

First, in any case, unless your application would require, blocking user's key entry is somehow not a good thing to do, users may misinterpret the action as problem on the hardware keyboard and at the same time may not see where their keypreesed entry error came from. Click Dim the Number As Integer Dim the Entry As String = Trim(Text Box1.

Property Changed Public Sub On Property Change(By Val e As Property Changed Event Args) If Not Property Changed Event Is Nothing Then Raise Event Property Changed(Me, e) End If End Sub End Class Public With Events _Your Variable as New Properties Public Sub New() Initialize Component() With Your Text Box . This may be too late, but for other new blood on VB out there, here's something simple.

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Handled Stringto Integer Direct Cast(sender, Text Box). With the "-" character you can change the integer from positive to negative and back again. Text = "" Show Pass Fail(False) Else Show Pass Fail(True) End If e. Handled = True Show Pass Fail(False) End If End Sub Private Sub Show Pass Fail(pass As Boolean) If pass Then Message Box. Ok Only) End If End Function Private Sub txt Balance_Key Press(By Val sender As System.

Enter Then 'put your code here End If End Sub Public Function non Number Entered(By Val e As System.

Key Event Args, _ By Val ob As Text Box, _ Optional By Val decim As Boolean = False) As Boolean non Number Entered = False If decim Then ' Determine whether the keystroke is a number from the top of the keyboard.

Key Char = "" End If End Sub =65) check is for excludng Alphabets. =32 check is for excluding Space character inbetween the numbers.

Length - 1) ' Put the cursor and the END of the corrected number obj Txt Box.

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