Updating windows messanger

I'm building a program in VB6 that will be used for updating all of our company's employee's Messenger contact lists. add a new contact in Messenger using the Passport e-mail address 2.delete a contact from someone's contact list I have code now that adds a contact, but after it is done adding, I get a Messenger pop-up telling me that the contact has been added successfully.

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That’s the reason behinf its name – Messenger Reviver. Let’s see all the steps: If you already have Messenger installed, and you are trying to revive it, this (below) is the window you’ll see.If, however, you didn’t have Windows Live Messenger istalled at all, you will see the following window, asking you to choose which version of it you would like to be installed on your computer. The installation process will begin, and it might take a while, so don’t panic.Just go grab some coffee or something until it finishes installing. The Windows Live Messenger is back and works like a charm!This is a recent feature of Ms company Windows Live Messenger 2011, and is a departing from the previous editions of Microsoft company Windows Live Messenger , where preventing a get in touch with would prevent the “blocker” from delivering the consumer any information to the “blocker”.Users can link solutions such as Facebook or fb, My Space and Linked In using Ms windows Live User account, and show their contact’s Mail consumer upgrades with in the “Complete view” of Ms corporation Windows Live Messenger .

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