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As the world’s first reinsurer withdraws from underwriting certain coal projects, campaign groups call on the insurance industry to completely exit the coal sector.On September 6 French insurer SCOR, […] Read More Over 6,000 European climate change activists took bold climate action in the heartland of Germany’s coal industry this month, with the aim of disrupting the coal industry via direct action.Police announcements via loudspeaker regularly reminded activists […] Read More Perhaps a conference of insurance actuaries isn’t the first place you’d look for bombshell headlines, but that’s exactly what a reporter for the Australian Financial Review found this week.

Two reports published by Client Earth, one each for actuaries and consultants, make clear their obligations and the ways they need to consider and manage climate risk in line with regulator guidance.

Paddam warned […] Read More Insurance companies are getting hammered by this year’s super storms.

Many of them are withdrawing from coastal areas in response to climate change – but continue to underwrite fossil fuels.

For the eleventh consecutive quarter, Domino’s bolstered the segment with a 12.6 percent jump driven by the company’s unique advancements in delivery technology and focus on successful franchisees.

As technology continues to play a deciding role in restaurant success, consider looking to Domino’s for a sneak peek at what might trend next.

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