Updating nikon camera firmware

Personally, learning of this change (and verifying the issue for myself) has led me to question my desire for future Sony camera bodies (it is now confirmed that the new Sony a9 and a7RIII are also affected).

It has certainly made me very skeptical of future firmware updates from Sony.

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Untracked landscape astrophotography rarely requires exposures longer than 30″ so I found that the issue rarely affected my photography.There are ways to deal with the issue depending on the camera you are using.Most of the time, a longer than recommended exposure time, which will cause the stars to trail, can help hide the issue by stretching the appearance of the stars past the threshold of the spatial filtering algorithm.The “Star Eater” problem is a form of software spatial filtering designed to reduce noise in photos, particularly hot pixels.Unfortunately, the rather rudimentary filtering algorithm that Sony is using easily mistakes sharp pinpoint stars for noise, deleting them from the image or greatly reducing their brightness.

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