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Though some decorum’s always in order, so we got these helpful tips from female staffers: — Bring your own mistletoe and hold it over your head and girls will swipe you left on sight.

— Imagine the area under the mistletoe as having a shot clock: If you don’t score fast, you get out of the zone.

Wrestler-turned-actor Dwayne Johnson is in a decade-long relationship with girlfriend Lauren Hashian and seems entirely smitten.

But we'll still be imagining him under the mistletoe with us. Irish actor Jamie Dornan is also in a relationship.

But, she says, it can still be a chance to get closer to your office crush.

“A holiday office party gives you the opportunity to open up the floor for conversation—maybe even offer a tiny gift—but it’s not the time to make an over-the-top move.” But if it’s a non-office holiday party, we say: Go for it!

I do love a bit of tradition infused creativity, so I’m going to create a little archway – in a spot I’ve noticed colleagues flit by quite frequently – into a mistletoe moment.

We flit past each other in hallways all year, rushing off to our next big meeting or commitment, that maybe during this season something as simple as a moment under the mistletoe, can be quite refreshing? So, here’s the fun, little experiment I’m going to conduct in the office.We're sure he and English actress Amelia Warner are very happy, but we'll still be hovering around the mistletoe hoping for a peck from the English actor Nicholas Hoult keeps his personal life pretty quiet, but we still loved his extensive relationship with Jennifer Lawrence.Now that he's single, however, we'd love to steal a kiss from the 26-year-old Brit.star Luke Evans is one of the hottest celebrities on the market and a perfect candidate for a Christmas smooch.He's fresh off his role as the hunky hunter Gaston; plus, he's totally single this year!

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