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In addition to fewer Black people being killed by those police our life would be much better.

I am starting to think we are better off without them. That if we shut them all down today and transferred all the resources they control to communities to set up systems of community safety and accountability we would all be much happier.

We still recommend calling 911 for an overdose or emergency situation if you feel safe to do so, and the Canadian Good Samaratin Law that was passed earlier in the year should help with a lot of fears, but not all. upholds a system of racialized violence and white supremacy.

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This is their document where they talk about how they work with perpetrators. They're sedatives and painkillers, and have been in fairly commonly used medically (usually for long-term pain management) since the early '90s.

They have been used surgically for much longer but not particularly as well known.

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