Theories for series lost dating february 2016

It would not have occurred to me or any other Jew I knew that we should try to stop them praying in front of us.We were a small minority at a school with a large majority of Christians.

The past two Chief Rabbis have shown the benefits of a more open approach, reaching beyond one’s own followers.We all hear about Muslim leaders issuing fatwas against homosexuals, preaching hate and the extermination of the Jews.But who hears of an Imam who is a credit to their religion?Respect for others’ views seems to be entirely missing from their moral calculus. Religious leaders who focus solely on a sectarian appeal to their own followers, and who seek to raise their own standing by diminishing the views of others, end up on the margins of serious debate.And as their noise drowns out the quieter, less confrontational majority, they act against their own religion’s interest.

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