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In those days, the population of the region was devoted almost entirely to gold mining, and more than half were Chinese. The large central character is a made-up word that combines “tiger” with “harmony”.The latter is the designated character for the Fourth Lodge.

Among the oldest was the Hung Mun (= Hongmen, 洪 門) or Chee Kung Tong (= Zhigongtang, 致 公 堂 ), which--as discussed elsewhere on this page--assumed great importance among late nineteenth century Chinese North Americans.Meaning “Cycle of Heaven,” it appears in the position, right before a date, that in those days was reserved for the name of the current emperor.Putting any other characters in that spot implied that the writer was in rebellion against the rulers of China.On its right are four characters that read “stream”, “large”, “person”, and “head”.These are the Society’s signature truncated versions of the phrase, “follow and practice the way of Heaven,” popular among underground societies in China for more than a millennium. The design is identical to that of the Fourth Lodge with the compound word made up from “tiger” and “together”.

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