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The lava, as it flowed over the area, first filled the stream valleys, forming dams that in turn caused impoundments or lakes.In these ancient lake beds are found fossil leaf impressions, petrified wood, fossil insects, and bones of vertebrate animals.

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Additional data collection and further modeling will be required to achieve a consensus on the actual mechanism.The Columbia River Basalt Group flows exhibit essentially uniform chemical properties through the bulk of individual flows, suggesting rapid placement.Ho and Cashman (1997) characterized the 500 km (310 mi)-long Ginkgo flow of the Columbia River Basalt Group, determining that it had been formed in roughly a week, based on the measured melting temperature along the flow from the origin to the most distant point of the flow, combined with hydraulics considerations.Consistent with the hot spot hypothesis, the lava flows are progressively younger as one proceeds east along this path.There is additional confirmation that Yellowstone is associated with a deep hot spot.

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