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'No daddy, your cock is twice as long and three times as thick! 'But I have a dildo thats the same size just not as thick.' She said with obvious admiration as she couldn't take her eyes off my cock meat.

'So it seems you like it when my thick cock is knocking at your throat's door.' 'Yesssssss.' she said in an almost dream like state, never taking her eyes off the glistening meat pole inches in front of her face patiently waiting for permission to put it back.

Two long thick ropes of cum hit her in the forehead and cheek.

Breathing heavy with my cum running down her face she couldn't have looked more beautiful.

And with a new found purpose she forced another inch into her mouth.

And then it happened, I felt the thick head of my cock pop into her throat and she froze.

About two months ago a woman and her son moved into the vacant apartment next to mine.

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When she finally released my wet cock, she did so with an audible pop!

' After that first day forcing my thick 9 inch cock down her throat and painting her face with my hot sticky cum, I left her with instructions to get that asspussy ready for me to use.

Everyday she would text me selfies of her with either butt plugs of various size or various dildos.

It being summer the boy would have the place to himself all day! On your knees slut, show me what you've learned so far'!

I decided to test the waters one morning after seeing the mom leave. I think you shou...' SMACK right across her face and I grabbed her by the throat. With this I closed the door walked over to the couch, sat down and called my new slut over. ' This must have played right into some of the sissy's fantasy's because "she" came right over and assumed the position, hands behind the back and head bowed! I was already hard watching her delicate hands fumble with my zipper.

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