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Something like “I may have had a hard time making friends in high school but I’ve grown since then, and those experiences are not the ones I’m having now” is one way to flip a bad narrative, and encourage more rewarding friendship experiences.

Trying to make new friends, particularly in a new community can make you feel like it’s the first day of school all over again.

Since one friend cannot meet all of our needs, we must learn to relegate our friends to different roles in our lives.

You may decide some friends are better for certain things than others, or you may feel some are best as acquaintances.

If you’ve experienced any type of transition at all, whether it be transitioning to a new job or a new city, a new baby or a new lifestyle, chances are you’ve had to adjust to a new social environment.

Whatever the reason, you may be at a point in your life where you are longing for the comfort and familiarity that a sense of community affords.

The 19-year-old singer stopped to take photos with some of his excited fans.

Twitter user @sarahelizabeth13 posted photos with the singer and of the couple with the caption, "SHAWN MENDES AND HAILEY BALDWIN IN TORONTO."For the public outing, Hailey donned a black jacket and plaid pants. The two have yet to do a red carpet together, but have taken to the chilly streets of Canada with their relationship.

If you had a difficult time making and keeping friends during your teenage years, you may be more guarded about making friends as an adult.If your desire for friendships is really an attempt to resolve some insecurity, you’ll spend a lot of energy focusing on attaining those relationships, and risk devaluing the relationships you do have.Even after developing the friendships you desire, you may still feel lonely.You may feel you are not needed or you should have established your own group of friends by now and this can hinder attempts to create connections.During those moments, it’s important to remember that you are the one seeking connections because you want them, not because someone else does.

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