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Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- is an action-RPG from Square Enix for the Play Station Portable.The game is a prequel to Final Fantasy VII and is the fourth entry to the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII.The game's key feature is the Digital Mind Wave (DMW)—a slot machine-like screen in the upper left-hand corner.Images and numbers continuously scroll in each of the three slots consuming Soldier Points (SP).Though the lives of those living off the ground level on a colossal "plate" suspended by pillars is cushy, the pollution the reactors sucking the Planet's life force from the ground causes is evident in the slums under the plate whose dwellers hardly ever see the light of day.Zack is a SOLDIER 2nd Class under Angeal's mentorship with a dream of becoming a hero.Since the game takes place seven years before Final Fantasy VII, many places on the Planet are either under construction or otherwise different from Final Fantasy VII.The city of Midgar has not yet been completed, and the town of Nibelheim is still filled with its original inhabitants.

Shinra's seat of power is located in the metropolis of Midgar that is ringed by numerous Mako Reactors.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- begins seven years before the start of Final Fantasy VII, and encompasses the events that take place until just before its beginning.

The game's hero is Zack Fair, who was a minor character in Final Fantasy VII and the previous owner of the Buster Sword before Cloud Strife.

Two to four pieces of equipment can be worn depending on requirements. More shops are added by proceeding in the storyline, and by doing missions which reward the player with access to new shops.

None of the shops will sell Phoenix Downs, which must be found in treasure chests or won in missions.

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