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Under the current IATA standard (which is subject to change without notice), dimensional weight is determined by multiplying a packagefs length x height x width (all in inches) and dividing the total by 166 (standard density in cubic inches per pound).If the result exceeds the actual weight, charges may be assessed based on the dimensional weight.For Fed Ex International Next Flight service, a proof of delivery phone call to the shipper stating the date and time of delivery, and the name of the person who signed for the shipment will be performed for every shipment.Two attempts will be made to reach the shipper by telephone.WE MAKE NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, AND EXPRESSLY DISCLAIM ANY AND ALL WARRANTIES.Back to Top If a shipment weight noted on the Commercial Bill of Lading (CBL), Government Bill of Lading (GBL) or electronic Commercial Forms and Procedures (CF&P) appears to be incorrect, Fed Ex will weigh the shipment before delivery (usually when it is picked up) and note the correct weight on the shipping document.Our Money-Back Guarantee policy will not apply to undeliverable shipments of nonperishable items.(See Undeliverable Shipments.) Back to Top Beyond the basic transportation of urgent packages, Fed Ex provides many additional services upon request.

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For shipments to many countries that we serve, this information is usually available by midnight local time in the country of delivery on the day of scheduled delivery.We reserve the right to divert any shipment (including use of other carriers) in order to facilitate its delivery.Fed Ex assumes no obligation to reroute any shipment to a third country or carry the goods by any specified aircraft or over any particular route or to make connection at any point according to any schedules.After three (3) attempts to deliver and/or three attempts to notify the recipient, or five (5) business days from the date of shipment, whichever occurs first, the shipment will be considered undeliverable.(See Undeliverable Shipments.) Back to Top In all cases where a signature must be obtained, Fed Ex will make as many as three delivery attempts over as many as three consecutive business days before contacting the shipper for disposition instructions.

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