Prince dating a canadian

The Sun tabloid listed her third on a list of bridesmaid contenders, which also included tennis star Serena Williams and actress Priyanka Chopra.

Markus Anderson Another frequently featured subject on Markle’s Instagram feed, Anderson made Toronto Life magazine’s list of the city’s most influential people in 2014.

Her parents, Kathleen and Brian, divorced when Kelly was eight. Kathleen Kelly stayed in Pointe Claire, and Brian Kelly now lives in Peterborough, Ont.

When she was at Mc Gill, Kelly worked as a bartender and a model, and had a minor role in the children's movie . One of the few people who agreed to speak to us, Gordon Razza, who owns Marlowe's Bar in Pointe Claire, said, "She played on our hockey team.

Peter Phillips, left, the son of Britain's Princess Anne, and his fiancée, Canadian Autumn Kelly, arrive for Easter Service in St.

"Peter Phillips likes it out of the spotlight, and people who know him say he is a nice guy, but a bit dull, so out of the spotlight is probably best for him." When she met Phillips, Kelly was a Roman Catholic. Peter Phillips is 11th in line to the throne, and under the 1701 Act of Settlement, he would have had to give up his place in the succession if he married a Catholic.

She and her mother were watching a television documentary about Prince William, and there he was: Peter Phillips, William's first cousin. She'd been watching the Canadiens play and ended up with 17 stitches over one eye and a concussion. Thomas High School and Mc Gill University, where she got a BA majoring in East Asian studies.

In spite of the media blackout, we have managed to find that Patricia Autumn Kelly was born on May 3, 1978, and grew up in Pointe Claire. She has a twin brother, Chris, a bricklayer, and an older brother Kevin, who works as a chef.

The couple attended the service with Phillips's grandmother, the Queen.

((Sang Tan/Associated Press)) You might think a Canadian marrying into the Royal Family would want the world to know. When we contacted Buckingham Palace asking whether Kelly would be available for an interview before her marriage to Peter Phillips, the Queen's eldest grandson, we got a flat "no." When we phoned family and friends in Quebec and Ontario, they said, "No comment.

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