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It seems the eccentric 36-year-old pop star - who had her first child in December 2016 - is taking a very modern approach to parenting.

In an exclusive interview in today's You magazine, she reveals why she refuses to reveal her child's name - or its gender.

She is pictured top inset with her boyfriend Leyman Lahcine.

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James Heap (pictured), 39, of Birmingham, served time at the same Merseyside secure unit as Jon Venables back in 1994.Owner Fergus Jackson told Mail Online: 'Parents have a responsibility to look after their children.We are a cafe, not a creche.' The incident sparked a row on social media.Oscar-winner Michael Douglas's eldest son Cameron, 39, speaks out in his first interview since leaving jail after serving seven years for drugs offences.For most of his adult life he (pictured inset) has been branded the 'black sheep' of the Douglas clan, a man who made lurid headlines for constant drug arrests and trips to rehab.

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