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SAC has been working closely with the Senate regarding act- ivities and a new constitution.

Brian Mo'e, SAC member, told the senate that SAC needs : 'a little more time" and he suggested forming a constitutional committee — the Senate appointed Mo'e, Senate member Gerry Whitaker, and Acting Senate President Peter Cartwright.

Many new discoveries have been made since last year, you notice all the new books in the bookstore, now I'll have to buy a book shredder for my obsolete 1982 editions.

It was great to see people soaking up the late summer rays outside the student center.

Veri has been named as the new President of Lyndon State College after former President Janet G. Veri comes to LSC from Northern Illinois University where he served as Dean of Continuing Education. Title IX regulations state, accord- ing to the Department of Education ' s letter, that unless the complainant alleges discrimination o.'Iy in receipt of financial assistance, athletic programs will be evaluated in their entirety.

Veri Veri T^kes Over Presidential Reins From Murphy Clive C. receipt of athletic financial assistance The July 14th letter followed up a June 16th letter to Murphy which first notified her of the complaint.

tu&ent0' Newspaper of IConiinn 0tate (Allege •UK t Alt U. In 1961, Veri graduated Magna Cum Laude from State University of New York at Oswego and was awarded a Master's Degree from the University of Mar-land four years after that. Not only will the six aforemen- tioned areas be evaluated according to the seven page July 14th letter, but an additional data request of 23 areas will also be evaluated.

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We also are having probl- ems overseeing our budget and need a business manager.Senate member Gerry Whitaker suggested a one-month grace period giving clubs time to comply with the new policy.He also suggested freezing the funds of clubs who do not comply. Continued on page 5 Shockley Sues LSC Over Firing — By Dave Fedand Joe shockley, a former recreation professor fired at the end of the Spring, 1982 semester, has filed a lawsuit against LSC in a US District Court charging the college with age discrimination.You may be able to get academic credit through a Co-op or Independent Study .This college has been known for its apathetic student body.

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