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The Tameri Guide for Writers stylebook offers a basic style guide to writing for general audiences. Do not expect this guide to apply to other English-speaking audiences, though many rules should be similar. The Southern Baptist Convention, representing 12 million members; American Baptist Churches in the U. A., 1.5 million members; the National Baptist Convention of America; National Baptist Convention U.

Some style guides prefer specific names, such as Old Testament or New Testament. Includes the regions of England, Scotland, and Wales. Example: The Empire State Building bullpen - One word referring to where relief pitchers and catchers practice during a baseball game. burglary / larceny / robbery / theft - Be precise in journalism. Mormon Church is acceptable on second reference at most publications, LDS at others. cities - Some cities are well-known and do not require state, province, or country identifiers. CME Group Inc - Includes the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the Chicago Board of Trade (CBT).

The problem with American is “the Americas” refers to North, Central, and South America. A handful of Mexican leaders have objected to the United States of America being “los Estados Unidos” in their press. Big Board, the - Allowed for second reference to the New York Stock Exchange, but NYSE is preferred by most publications. The term off-Broadway refers to 100–299 seats, and off-off-Broadway are those theaters with fewer than 100 seats. - Use for Brothers if a company does so within its official name logo. byte - Computer term for eight bits (binary digits). Catholic - Use Roman Catholic Church, then Catholic Church in AP style. - Legal name of the former Columbia Broadcasting System. Central Intelligence Agency - Use CIA on all references. century - Spell out in lowercase unless it is part of a proper name, such as 20th Century Fox. chat room - Two words in AP style when referring to Internet “chat” systems.

Other style guides do not capitalize “scripture” referring to any religion’s texts. Union contracts define what is Broadway, not a physical street address. Larceny is the wrongful taking of property, often via a deceit. Theft is a larceny without a threat or deceit, yet not a burglary. Caterpillar - Trademark for a brand of heavy-construction tractor. See measurements Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Though best known as the CDC, the full name should be used on first reference. Central America - Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama.

bona-fide - Avoid in writing for general audiences. brand names - Capitalize according to any trademarks or legal names. Britain - Acceptable for Great Britain, which is the island. Building - Never abbreviate in a proper noun name for a building. bureau - Frequently misspelled, bureau should be capitalized in the name of any government agency. Chevy - Use Chevrolet unless writing an automotive feature. The chief justice of the United States, not the chief justice of the Supreme Court. Chinese names - In Chinese names, the family name is first and followed by the given name. Christian Science - Use Church of Christ, Scientist, for the church name. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints - Notice “Latter-day” capitalization in the official name. Civil War - Always capitalize when referencing the United States Civil War, lowercase for all other civil wars. cloture - To close debate, usually a vote to end discussion of a bill. - Use in place of Company at the end of a business name.

Taiwan is officially the Republic of China, but publications prefer Taiwan. Most Chinese immigrants reverse the order to following Western tradition.

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