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tryin out online dating, many girls giv me a link to their personal website that asks for my credit card info to verify my age,is this a scam or is it legit? If I go ahead with the procedure would my credit score be OK? Im asking because ive come across so many to the point where im wondering if its actually legit,they all say free n none say they charge,seems legit" Is 5.0% a good interest rate right now? I just received Priority Buyer"" status for 5" So where are the ligitmate bad credit loan people? Thanks, I will look into that." Where can I qualify for a motorcycle loan with bad credit? I have recently paid off my car with perfect payment history and have been looking around in the market for possibly getting a new motorcycle. My credit is pretty poor from issues that happened when I was younger. I was wondering if anyone knew of any online financing or possibly any local financial intitutions (Las Vegas area) that would specialize in financing a motorcycle for someone with bad credit. yesterday oct 29th the bank told me the terms of the offer were being changed because the original terms should not have been agreed,this was there mistake!! i'm sure if i changed it due to an error from me i would be in trouble!!! Selling equipment used in the company's manufacturing 7. Do you think it gives me more leverage to be approved if I still have the auto loan on the books as I apply for the personal loan, or should I just wait until I've totally paid it off? " Right now I have to pay for a surgery that my healthcare provider won't cover, and it's roughly ,000. I cant even do a bankruptcy because i am now back in INDIA, can someone please let me know what is the best way around this????? ..." Has anyone refinanced their car with poor credit? On edit: It should be noted I had these credit card balances when I was approved for the auto loan." Is online dating verification a scam? Right now I have ,000 already charged, so it will total ,000 on a credit line of ,000. Some one, either my ex or his girlfriend forged my daughters name on the loan,title and regestration.I have heard taht if the new bank find out that the loan was abtained by fraud, they can demand the entire balance of the loan from my ex, and I have heard that what they did is a federal offence. I would like to know from some who have declared chapter 7 bankruptcy what their experiences were. He is a spoil brat from some rich family back in Asia. Right now he finished his school here and wants to go home.does any body know Repayment of loan from a business partner after April 5th? (Of course I am prepared to drop about 2 grand as a downpayment on the bike) How do I get seized property back after bankruptcy? Say i go to the food store, and buy a pack of gum, is there an option to get cash back off the credit card? i can still get a mortgage but only for 68.000, i originally was going to get 76.000 so i could improve the home. " Anyone who had problems with Chapter 7 Please Respond? I have heard of people that have done so and when they went to court they found out there were complications. But, the court assigned a panel of three judges to investigate at a fee of 0 per hour.

"Does anyone know where I can obtain a free credit report, from one of the three main credit bureaus?Which means I would need to start building a savings account. I want to take out a personal loan for bill consolidation to pay off some hefty credit card balances. I am an Indian guy, who lived in the UK for the last 3 years on a work permit basis, therefore i managed to take a personal loan and had a few credit cards, however I had to leave the country because my office could not extend my work permit anymore, I have not been able to keep up with my loan repayments and now they have now served me with default notices, and I don't know what to do??? I just went to the bank to buy my first home and I was disqualified because someone used my identity to get a mortgage loan for 300k in 2006. My bank told me to call the creditor which is onother bank with only 2 branches left in another state.... Where can I find a loan shark in montreal quebec canada?To anybody who has been through bankruptcy is this normal? I have had an account with the credit union for awhile. Buying a display case for items to be sold" "I have a ,000 credit line, if I charge ,000 would I still be in the 'safe' zone? I have called the banks to advise of the situation and they are saying that they cant do anything about this, and they want me to pay my arrears, but i could not afford to pay the arrears as i do not have savings nor a good job so that I can keep up with the payments. I went to the police and they didn seem like the will do anything for me.. Which agency to call, and how to get my life out of this mess? I need a loan of 500$ asap need to pay off some bills and get some food haven't eaten in 3 days ANSWER: For Finance and credit solutions I visit this site where you can find all the solutions. Just the resources, and please only facts, no opinions... Please no comments, if you're going to post something, might as well be helpful to me.^.^'" How to check why my insurance score went down? Can a co signer on an auto loan refiance without the other co signers signature? The loan, title and registration were all in both their names.

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