Non sedating tricyclics

Dear friends, I need help understanding the difference between regular antidepressant and tricyclic ones. Seeking peace, Tee I was on amitriptyline for depression for years when there wasn't any other kind. That seems to be the only time I'm not in pain.

When I saw my doctor last week, we discussed all the antidepressants I had taken prior to Celexa and Mirtazapine. It didn't help for depression like effexor helps me now. Dear Kaismama, I'm sorry for not answering sooner. I'm hoping the amitriptiline will take effect soon. In peace, Tee Tee, my understanding of the wording TRI cyclic, may not be 100% correct, but the way I understood TRI cyclic was 3 cycles, and that light or darkness affected the way the body is reacting to the tri cyclic.

Among these are antidepressants, antipsychotics, anticonvulsants, and antihistamines (as antiallergens, anti-motion sickness drugs, antipruritics, and hypnotics/sedatives) of the dibenzazepine, dibenzocycloheptene, dibenzothiazepine, dibenzothiepin, phenothiazine, and thioxanthene chemical classes, and others.

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A study done in 2001 said they are equivalent in effect, but it wasn't for me. If it is light out, or your eyes perceive light in the room, even a light bulb being on, the body is alert on a TRI cyclic, if it is dim or dark, the body prep as to sleep Dzoo Baby had a good explanation for TRI cyclic, can't remember her exact wording, I hope she sees this.Tricyclics are chemical compounds that contain three interconnected rings of atoms.Many compounds have a tricyclic structure, but in pharmacology, the term has traditionally been reserved to describe heterocyclic drugs.Use of antidepressant medications that act on the serotonin system has been linked to detrimental impacts on bone mineral density (BMD), and to osteoporosis.This article reviews current evidence for such effects, and identifies themes for future research.

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