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I saw some where on a paper that the dealership gave me about a "TOC learn" procedure. I have a hard time believing that though, I would expect it to store a memory code for No CMP Signal but then be fine after you reconnected it....The more I try to diagnose this thing without having photographs and being able to physically manipulate it myself, the more diluted and lost this is getting in my head.I am not at all sure the timing is going to work at all. I talk to the dodge parts people and the service department. The shade tree mechanic in me is thinking I am going to have to look outside the box to find a fix that will get this motor running.

All I know is that if it were a distributor, you would need to rotate the shaft itself 180 degrees and re-spline it, and then rotate the *housing* to time it.....It's firing on intake, and the Otto cycle engine is of course Intake Exhaust...which is Down, Up, Down, Up.Since you're currently sparking on Intake, if you flip it 180 degrees, you'll be sparking before TDC on the Combustion cycle. 6 days a week, 60 hours..WIsh I had seen this post before I pulled the engine and change the flywheel.Here's my's firing at the wrong Top Dead center.If it had a distributor, this would be easy...remove the distributor, rotate it 180, and drop it back in, then "rough-out" the timing by rotating it slowly from side to side until it fires and lock it when it holds a steady idle and revs cleanly, then you can go back later and fine tune the degrees.

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