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So what do men and women seeking partners online really want?According to Samantha Herron, ninemsn’s manager of corporate and public relations, non-smoking meat-eaters who are professionally employed are high on the list.Ironically enough, the old-fashioned grapevine proves the best source for new internet members, says Melanie Bowman, rsvp’s marketing manager.Its membership “skyrocketed” from 19,000 members in 2000 to 140,000 members in 2002.Allen is developing a “unique”, “more personal” and “3D” website. We’ve been effected, but we’ve never been a service for vast numbers of people,” she says.

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And before the newspapers launched their introductions pages, proactive daters, such as this one, had to slip their requests in among phone sex advertisements: “Retired business gent seeks quiet lady.

“Women are not looking for men in accounting, construction or farming, they’re looking for self-employed, IT communications industries (professionals) who have university education.

Both genders are overwhelmingly looking for non-smokers — and meat-eaters. The other thing is, men are less rigid about (physical characteristics), looking for a woman with an average body, while women are very definitely looking for athletic bodies.” Lena is also 38 and works in educational training.

Phone (018) 316 123” — November 7, 1994 edition of the Northcote Leader.

Bowman’s grapevine theory rang true for the singles interviewed for this story.

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