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He has been playing the lying game for going on 7 years now. This reminds me of the 80s when closeted guys would pretend to crush on Linda Evans, thinking that she was the straight male's idea, not realizing that straight men were definitely NOT into Linda Evans. I have a closeted friend who is a cop and he pretends to have this big thing for Pam Anderson.

For christ sakes, R120 and R122, you are really trying to sway opinion by exaggerating.

I am talking about the veracity of gossip presented - veracity means truth and accuracy and verifiability and with some evidence.

Evan is gay, obviously, but he is not a Hollywood celebrity. Go ahead and wallow in denial I find it distasteful when someone, especially a gay man, uses "accuse" in any reference to another person being gay. I think we should give all these closeted male figure skaters a title. It's amazing to me that people, especially bitter queens, make it their business what celebrities do behind closed doors.

Talk about a world desperately in need of a massive youth injection! It is alright to be gay in figure skating, (99% of male singles skaters are gay) provided you act like it is still your parents generation (1955).

and NOT from Bible school."Evan closeted way before he ever won gold. These old farts are the only ones attending the shows today and they didn't like homosexuals in 1955.[quote]Straight guys don't crush on Pamela Anderson.

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I hate it when people on Datalounge lie by omission and exaggerate.Johnny Weir is far more famous than Evan, has a TV show and documentary, but Johnny would still not be considered a Hollywood celebrity. Accuse means to charge with the fault, offense, or crime. Lets say they all suffer from a severe case of "Dick Button Disease".(Except Rudy Galindo, Johnny Weir and Adam Rippon, who are cool and self affirming, 21st century gays)I hear that some promoter from Clear Channel(? If Evan is gay and lies about it, then it is definitely the public's business.My guess is Elijah Wood is coming out May 5th, else somebody who's career is dead and needs the media boost, so come out. Just surprising.r48, what the fuck are you talking about? That person has, in the last five minutes, posted another lame response at R49. ) is bringing back the World Professional Figure Skating Championship for December 2010 at Madison Square Garden? I'm sure Evan is not planning to skate any more Olympic eligble events so they would need him to headline. That would be a great next olympics will be all about Russia's quest for gold as this was about Canada's quest. By the time of the next Olympics it will be a faded myth. The guy's winning performance was nothing less than amazing. This is a 'honesty with the people who pay your bills' issue R69.You're probably the same person who has been lying about what you've seen regarding Evan.It was clear from the first moment he stepped on the dance floor Evan could not relate to women in a sexual way. And he knows it - he's just afraid he'll lose his endorsements if he admits it to the world. R98 is referring to Brian Orser, who holds the annual Pride Run to raise money for the Gay community and Johnny Weir, who helps raise money for GLAAD and Equality California. Brian Boitano is like the saddest old closeted queen in figure skating.

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