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Here, though, with a relatively straightforward tale to tell, he complicates matters unnecessarily.One-third of the way into the film, we suddenly discover we've been in flashback mode the entire time when Kenny pops up, telling his story to FBI agents.On a hunch, he invests his last dime in an expedition launched by a fellow prospector, Michael Acosta (Hands of Stone star Edgar Ramirez), who's absolutely positive there's gold in them thar hills — of remote Indonesia. It looks like our boys have it made — but, of course, their problems are only beginning.In his earlier films Syriana and Traffic, director Stephen Gaghan displayed remarkable skill at relating complex parallel story lines without disorienting his audience.With Miles Teller and Emma Watson having turned down La La Land and Kate Winslet revealing Matthew Mc Conaughey nearly starred with her in Titanic, it's never been a better time to take a look into the cinematic Twilight Zone, where up is down, down is up, and Tom Selleck was nearly Indiana Jones.Here are 23 iconic movies turned down by presumably regretful actors.

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At times he looks less like the trim, tuxedoed Adonis you see driving a Lincoln Continental in those TV commercials and more like the grease monkey you'd see rolling under one.Speaking of the huge transformation, when answering the outlet's questions, the 38-year-old had this to say about her post-sweat-session beauty hacks: , something that probably shouldn't be too much of a surprise given reviews were embargoed until the day it came out. Too bad for Idris Elba and Matthew Mc Conaughey, too.But even the kind reviews are so half-hearted, it sounds like the Stephen King adaptation is a movie for NO ONE. The saddest part is, the books have been coming out for decades, and an adaptation has been in some form of development for about 15 years. Because they sure are doing their part being adorable to sell it!These drugs were then distributed so members could self-medicate.Buried in that Village Voice story was what Minutaglio today calls a “throwaway line” about a specific buyers club in Dallas.

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