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A "coach" is a large enclosed four-wheeled carriage, drawn by four or more horses, with at least two rows of seats in the compartment, and usually with seats on the top etc. The "box" is a luggage compartment to the front of the main coach body; the driver either sits on this coach box, or sits on the front edge of the coach body with his legs resting on the box (depending on the design of the coach); there is also usally a "basket", or open luggage compartment hanging from the rear of the coach body.Coaches are used by wealthy families, and in long-distance public transportation. ) and six, with a "box" in front and "basket" behind (Rowlandson, 1798).And since Mary Crawford and Edmund Bertram in from starting to write a one-off letter to Edward Ferrars (which was to be more a business than a social letter, to someone who could be considered a relative of hers by marriage); however, for a continuing correspondence to be carried on in the absence of an engagement is a breach of propriety (a significant point in Marianne's conduct in ).This is why Darcy thinks it advisable to hand-deliver his famous letter to Elizabeth (since it would be awkward if anyone at Rosings or Hunsford Parsonage were to see a letter addressed from him to Elizabeth); and it is an important reason why Elizabeth doesn't answer the letter.Barouches are "convertible" -- they can be partially opened in good weather.

Jane Austen herself was said to be dextrous and neat in folding and sealing letters (though in her letters she often deprecates her own handwriting as being too large, unlike that of Cassandra -- at the time, letters were charged according to the number of sheets of paper, so the smaller you could make your writing, the more you could fit in).

It was not considered quite proper for "genteel" unmarried young women to travel on public coaches unescorted (Lady Catherine is even more severe: "I cannot bear the idea of two young women travelling post by themselves").

This is one reason why General Tilney "acted neither honourably nor feelingly -- neither as a gentleman nor as a parent" in dismissing Catherine Morland near the end of . travelled in his Coach & Four, for he was a very rich young Man & kept a great many Carriages of which I do not recollect half.

Caroline Bingley perpetually commends him "on his hand-writing, or on the evenness of his lines, or on the length of his letter".

"It is a rule with me, that a person who can write a long letter, with ease, cannot write ill." Caroline Bingley: "Charles writes in the most careless way imaginable.

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