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Fumed Silica, as it’s commonly said, (CAS 112945-52-5) is also known as pyrogenic silica because it is produced in a flame. The cyanotype, also known as a blueprint, is considered among the easiest of all the historical methods.

Dating from 1842, this classic Prussian blue process is a great place for both beginners and accomplished artists alike to explore.

The chlorophyll process is an organic alternative photography process akin to the anthotype process.

However, instead of printing on the crushed extract of fruit or plant matter, the prints are bleached by sunlight directly onto the surface of leaves using a positive.

Writer and photography / Alexis Bernstein Alexis Bernstein has written a thesis on the process of Cyanotype Printing and Indigo Dye on the medium of bones. Bones as a medium for cyanotype printing and indigo dying; The strength derived from connection to the environment; And the power of the ...

Gelatin silver prints, or gelatin dry-plate, appeared on the scene in the 1880’s, replacing the wet-plate process and revolutionizing the photographic industry.

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During the year a lot of things happened, and many because of you! Writer / An Zuriel The term Alternative Photography can be interpreted in many ways.

Knowledge is a thing that is easily lost to a society. We humans behave a lot like crows in one respect: if we see something shiny, we have to ...

Writer / Jacques Kevers Photography / Images from Light and by René Smets Members of the Picto Benelux alternative photographic processes group tests the new hand-held UV-meter by Ian Parker at Light

Ian Parker at Light builds and sells a one-of-a-kind UV meter, designed specifically for artists who work with UV-sensitive media. If you want your grandchildren to see your film photos, there are several factors that you must take into consideration to preserve the original state of your pictures.

Here are some tips that could help you preserve your film photographs.

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