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Weitere Details gab der Polizeisprecher bislang nicht bekannt.

Ein ähnlicher Fall ereignete sich bereits 2012, als ein 24-Jähriger über ein Jahr lang seine sexuellen Gelüste im Tierstall befriedigte.

Es ist verstörend und tragisch zu gleich: Ein junger Mann hat am vergangenen Wochenende in Rossens im Schweizer Kanton Freiburg eine Kuh sexuell missbraucht, wie "oe24.de" berichtet.

Derzeit sitzt der junge Mann in Präventivhaft und steht unter Beobachtung.

Mit Kühen assoziiert man endlose Weiden, Milch und vielleicht sogar noch Schokolade.

Wenige kommen bei dem Anblick der Tiere mit dem sanften Gemüt auf ganz andere Gedanken.

The best way to view the actual text of these laws on our website is to go to the Map of State Animal Cruelty Laws.Alexithymnia (the inability to describe what you're feeling) plagues you, when you are rendered speechless just because you cannot find the right words. Well, here are the words you should definitely add to your vocab. 1 Saturnine (sa-tour-o-nine)* Meaning: slow, gloomy, somber and saturnine is also a word used to describe someone who is born under the influence of Saturn.*Sentence: His Saturnine face and heavy and watchful eyes add more mystery to his already mysterious personality.2Hiraeth (heer-eyeth)*Meaning: Homesickness for a home you cannot return to, or that never was*Sentence: As soon as I step over the border into Wales my hiraeth evaporates.Today by giving us five minutes of your time you can end up learning 15 words with their meanings and usage. I am home.3Effulgent (ih-fuhl-juh nt)*Meaning: shining brightly, radiant*Sentence: As the bride walked down the aisle, she looked effulgent in her sparkling gown.4Callow (kal-oh)*Meaning: immature*Sentence: They are not callow like the young of most birds, but more perfectly developed and precocious even than chickens.5 Fulminate (fuhl-muh-neyt)*Meaning: to attack loudly or denounce*Sentence: All fulminated against the new curriculum6Pogonophile (po-go-no-phile)*Meaning: someone who loves beards*Sentence: Damn, girl you're such a pogonophile7 Coulrophobia (kool-ruh-foh-bee-uh)*Meaning: fear of clowns*Sentence: After John Wayne Gacy we all have transformed into coulrophobes.Western society is often accused by Muslims of making allowances for behavior which they deem as "immoral".This regularly includes the accusation of permitting zoophilia, so it would be instructive for us to give a brief summary of its legal status in countries which are considered "Western".

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