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The left side of the helmet is as depicted here, but the right side is very different, consisting of black and yellow quadrilateral shapes (I will probably add a representation of the right side of the helmet here eventually). Michigan has used some variation of what has come to be known as the "winged" or "Michigan" helmet design since 1938.

During the era covered by this web site (1960 to present) I believe there have been only some minor changes to the shape of the "wings" and to the widths of the stripes, and perhaps some minor color changes.

The design was again worn during Iowa's home game against Iowa State in 2012.*6 Worn during the 2012 home game against Purdue.

The black hawkeye logo was worn on the left side of each helmet, while an "American flag" version of the logo was worn on the right sides (as shown below).*7 From (I think) 1985 through 1992, Iowa Coach Hayden Fry had his players wear a small, circular yellow decal containing the letters "ANF" in black on their football helmets; the acronym stood for "America Needs Farmers" and was intended to draw attention to the economic plight experienced by many farmers in the American midwest at that time.

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This design was used in 1967 during at least games number 2, 3, and 7 against Syracuse, N. *4 For one home game each in 20 (vs Virginia Tech and Florida State, respectively) Maryland altered its helmet design by using a military camouflage pattern within the logo (and within the middle stripe on the 2009 helmet)., and there it was, and so I guess I’m telling you “Keep It Clean” is on Slipshine now where members can read it.The first page is to the left, and it’s a pretty good introduction to the following thirteen pages.The "ANF" decals were used again for all but one game during the period 2009-2011, but these were much smaller than those used during the earlier period.They were not worn during the September 25, 2010 game vs Ball State, when Iowa wore a "throwback" helmet design.

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