Inbal sex

The Tel-Aviv Medical Center Inflammation Survey encompasses a large cohort of subjects who attended the Tel-Aviv Medical Center for routine annual checkups (including a physician’s interview and examination, blood and urine tests, and an exercise stress test).

The study was approved by the local Ethics committee and informed consent was obtained from all participants.

העמותה מגבשת אסטרטגיות פעולה לשינוי מדיניות באמצעות חקיקה והשפעה על סדר היום הציבורי על מנת להגביר צדק חברתי כלכלי.

A one-way ANOVA test was used to evaluate the difference in ΔEi A according to number of metabolic syndrome components.

A general linear univariate model was used to evaluate the estimated effect of specified covariates: age, sex, body mass index, metabolic equivalents (METs) achieved during the exercise stress test, e GFR and A1C levels using Parameter’s estimates; B (with 95% confidence intervals) for ΔEi A.

Multivariate binary logistic regression was used to evaluate the odds ratio of positive ECG findings among subjects according to the presence of ΔEi A .

Another 156 individuals had no valid measurements of urinary creatinine concentration before or after the exercise, therefore, the values shown in Table Blood samples were drawn upon the participants’ arrival to the center after a 12-h overnight fast.

Only after the morning blood test participants were allowed to drink, and after the exercise test they were invited to eat breakfast.

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