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Electricity always takes the path of least resistance.

In the event that a stage lighting fixture (or other piece of equipment) has faulty electrical insulation, leading to dangerous voltage passing through the metal outer body, proper grounding will drain that voltage into the Earth. A row of lighting fixtures placed (usually) downstage of a backdrop in order to light it.

Seit es eröffnet hat ist es ein beliebter Treffpunkt in der Salzburger und Südbayerischen Gay Szene.

Electricity quickly alternating directions through a circuit. A horizontal pipe or strip of wood, usually as wide as, or wider than, the width of the stage, hung overhead.

One THz is 10 A direct electrical connection to the Earth.A flexible matte black aluminum used to mask light leaks and shape beams of light. Most common are actually fluorescent tubes, but unlike the fluorescent lights in your office or classroom, the phosphor on the envelope emits light in the near ultraviolet range rather than white light.Although often used as a generic term, "Black Wrap" is a trade mark of GAMPRODUCTS, Inc. Other types include high intensity discharge lamps.Fixtures with discharge lamps may have mechanical dimmers (properly called "dowsers") which regulate the amount of light by hiding it, similar to Venetian blinds.Older types of dimmers include autotransformers and resistance dimmers.

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    However, I am unfortunately not able to respond to e-mailed questions about Deaf culture or Deaf society.