Greys anatomy quotes dating

Alex watches through the nursery window as Noah's meeting his baby.

He takes a book and starts reading as she stares at his face.

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She does a cheery dance, almost hitting Derek in the face. This car drove into Melanie's parents' car, and then that car hit his and Melanie's car. Meanwhile, Alex wants to examine Betty, but since she doesn't have any panties on, she requests a lady doctor. Melanie's blood pressure disappears and the heart rates continue to slow down. Addison can't leave this patient and her baby, so Alex is gonna have to do what he can. George is with Noah and Melanie's parents in Noah's room. Meredith says Marshall would like to apologize to the family. Alex decides to do a C-section and asks the others to tell him what to do.

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He says he was right about her being scary and damaged. The last woman he slept with was his wife, but she died in a car crash. Finn says he's thinking his luck has begun to change, because he's met Meredith. Her shock concealed the extent of her injuries, which were catastrophic. And now, three ambulances are coming in full of bloody, broken car crash victims, all who need to be cut open. We carry the damage with us from childhood, then as grownups, we give as good as we get. And then, we set about the business of fixing whatever we can. Bailey's looking at Melanie's body while nurses are cleaning up the OR. Alex asks if they're still pretending she's not dating a patient. She's cheerful because she got to scrub in and got laid, and now there are ambulances coming in with bloody car crash victims. His vitals are stable, but he has pain in his knee. Cristina takes Noah's wife inside while Noah tells the doctors what happened. The baby turns out to be okay, which Jim reports back to his wife. Bailey instructs George to accompany Meredith to trauma room and asks them to page neuro and ortho. Bailey finds a retroperitoneal hematoma, but she can't find the source. Alex arrives in Addison's OR and tells her about Melanie. Alex returns to the OR, where Melanie's been down for 5 minutes. Jim approaches Marshall and reaches for his neck, but then places it on his shoulder instead. She takes off her shoes and lies down on Denny's chest.

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