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Blasting off into space aboard two space shuttles, Harry and his team are accompanied by NASA astronauts Colonel Willie Sharp (WILLIAM FICHTNER), copilot Jennifer Watts (JESSICA STEEN), and mission specialist Gruber (GRAYSON Mc COUCH).There they dock with a Russian space station where cosmonaut Lev Andropov (PETER STORMARE) joins them after a calamitous accident.In "Abyss" and "Dozen" there were perfectly sound reasons for the teams chosen to execute their specific plan and those plots worked.

The assembled actors were predominantly cast more for their differing looks than their acting abilities (a common trait to other recent, and similarly based "team" movies) and the more significant ones that don't perish along the way deliver nothing more than stereotypical performances. ") Steve Buscemi ("Fargo") is probably the most fun of all the characters to watch (playing the squirrelly and sarcastic crew member), but he's not doing anything much different than what we've seen from him in previous roles.Since that seems to be the "magic" ingredient in successful, big budget summer films, this one should fare better -- despite it making "Impact" seem like a model of realistic reaction to the world's impending doom.The old tag line for the original "Alien" movie stated that "In space, no one can hear you scream." That's true, of course, unless you forgot to turn your brain off before seeing this movie -- in which case the cerebral pain may be so unbearable that you'll wish you had visited the lobotomy shop beforehand.Thus, Truman enlists Harry Stamper (BRUCE WILLIS) and his deep core oil drilling team, known to be the best in the world.Harry's got other problems, however -- most notably trying to keep one of his gung ho workers, A. Frost (BEN AFFLECK) ,away from his beautiful adult daughter, Grace (LIV TYLER).

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