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“Part of what made the change so difficult is just actually undoing the way we’ve been programmed,” says an employee of Roman’s who asked to remain anonymous.“Of course, it’s been weirdly emotional and frustrating and anxiety-causing.” Management is sympathetic to those feelings: “It has been, I think, challenging for the front of house to change the way we do things and the way in which they are compensated,” human-resources and company rep Leah Campbell tells Grub.The plan is that, over the next few years, the restaurant’s kitchen workers will see their starting wage rise to an hour.Servers, meanwhile, now receive a wage of to an hour in addition to earnings from a revenue-share program, a kind of tipping substitute that buoys their wages after the loss of tipping.Our construction roundup provides a look at the latest development projects in their current status to keep you up to date on what the future holds for the built environment in Columbus.Here’s a quick rundown of some (not all) of the current Downtown development projects along with a photo set below: Walker is the co-founder of Columbus and The along with his wife and business partner Anne Evans.She said that it was more than a simple change, and likened the move to “rebuilding the foundation” of the restaurant group.Roman’s moved to a gratuity-free model on January 18.

If you’ve spent any amount of time in Downtown Columbus in the past decade, then you’re well aware of the ongoing construction of new apartments, offices, parking garages and more.

“What other kind of industry is there where you can own a business and not have to pay anyone because you’re relying on the clientele to pay for your staff? “I just think it’s really a broken system.” Even still, New York is an expensive place to live, and it’s understandable that workers would feel uneasy about any destabilization of their income — even if they know their co-workers aren’t paid fairly.

The management at Roman’s didn’t do itself any favors with the timing of their announcement: The restaurant’s staff was notified of the switch on December 15, the same day the public was told.

He revealed in December that he too would go gratuity-free at his family of popular restaurants, starting with Roman’s, the bustling Italian spot in Fort Greene.

At the time, another big-name convert was something of a coup for no-tipping advocates, but in the ensuing months, the transition, it seems, has not been without problems of its own.

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