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My Cousin sister often stays over at our house, one night things got very intense.

My wife called me up at work asking if it was alright to invite her sis around.

Knowing that Bhutto had received several assassination threats, Christina initially declined the invitation.

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‘I do appreciate that some, in very different situations to my own, might find it difficult to understand how I could pack my bags whenever the phone rings.His mother has missed parents’ evenings, sports days, school plays and countless other milestones in his childhood because she has chosen to work as a foreign correspondent — surrounded by danger wherever wars and disasters lead her.She has lost count of how many times she has been asked how, ‘as a mother’, she could make that decision.They have every right to question my choices, just as I might question theirs,’ she says.‘But when other career women attack me for it, it really angers me.’She says she was horrified to find herself the target of several leading feminist journalists’ vitriol when, in 2005, she wrote an article recalling the time she interviewed General Pinochet a day after being released from hospital following an emergency Caesarean section.

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