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If you have older children attach to the front door so that you get notified when they leave the house in the morning or arrive back after school.

The battery powered and hub free design talks with the Hubble Connected for Smart Nursery app and the Smart Nursery 7.

With sleep quality monitoring, smile and cry detection that provides data to Hubble Connected for Smart Nursery app you can always be connected to your baby and their environment via your smartphone or tablet from anywhere at anytime.

Help to discover what most affects the quality of their sleep through using the dashboard that logs sound, movement, humidity and temperature.

Use the Smart Nursery Cam and Smart Nursery Humidifier to help to control the Humidity level in the nursery or the Cam and Smart Nursery Dream Machine with light show projector to help stimulate or calm your baby.

Track parent and baby’s weight daily, weekly and monthly using the Hubble Connect for Smart Nursery app on your smartphone, tablet, Smart Nursery 7 or Smart Nursery Cam.

Here you can see my signal is 86%, I have 60% modem battery remaining, and I have used 32% of my data plan.

The day has come when you can know the instant an animal walks in front of your Moultrie Trail Cam. As a trail camera photo is triggered the photo is transmitted to and you receive a notification.

We review the setup, photo delivery, and features of this innovative new technology. You can then access that photo either through your smart-phone or your PC - in real time.

- The unit requires (8) AA batteries (Alkaline or Lithium batteries) with Lithium being the most preferable for cold weather and extended run times.

Cell Coverage – Moultrie Mobile utilizes a Verizon Wireless network and there must be coverage in the area you wish to place your Moultrie Trail Camera.

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