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Her younger sister Cynthia played on the trampoline when Candy was not using it. Janie was just as proud of her Double Ds and seemed to be thrusting them out as an offering to Henry. He tenderly cupped her chin and cheeks in his hands and softly kissed her lips. He explained to the doctor that he had found a much younger girlfriend and wasn’t sure he could properly satisfy her.Henry had been friends with Janie and her girls for years. So, if you both strip, you can comfort and guide her as you go. Candy returned his kiss, and Henry could feel her nervously shaking. Henry then asked his doctor for something to help him in the bedroom. “I’ll do my best to thoroughly fill all of her places, as well.” Giggling, Janie said.I got pregnant with Candy when I was just the age she is now. I’ve been a bad example for my kids already, so I might as well make you happy if it’ll convince you we’re serious. So, I will be happy to do as you asked when she turns sixteen. He removed Candy’s bra and returned to fondling her tits and teasing her nipples.At one time, during a rather heated discussion about her future sex life, Candy blurted out that she wanted you to teach her about sex. I finally realized she was serious.” Janie paused to gather her thoughts then continued. I would much rather you teach her about sex than have some punk of an octopus do her in the back seat of his car. They’ll want to take her virginity in the back seat of some damned car. I want you to show her how to make love, not just get fucked and knocked up.” Janie finally asked what Henry thought was a very important question. We’ll both be here for you whenever you want, if you want us.” Henry told Janie. When Candy’s breathing became more rapid and a bit labored, Henry pulled her up to his chest and kissed her deeply. Just stand and let me take a good look at you.” Henry dropped his robe and sat on the edge of his bed.He considered them practically members of his family. Besides, I’ve been staring that body of yours from across the street long enough.” As Henry worked the camera, Janie and Candy slowly removed their clothes. Henry took his hands from her face and slid them down her neck, over her shoulders, and down her arms to the elbows. There’s no hurry.” Henry then stepped in front of Janie and took both large tits in his hands. He then bent forward to kiss, lick, and suck each nipple until they were standing erect. The doctor, after checking Henry’s heart, blood pressure, and respiration prescribed the popular little blue pills. “I’m sure you will.” Candy’s sixteenth birthday party was the following Saturday evening.Janie, and her daughters Candy, and Cynthia, were frequent visitors to Henry’s home. Janie was in her mid thirties and was a lustful old man’s dream. Candy pulled back slightly when he lightly covered both boobs with his hands and kneaded them. Henry pick up a generous supply of the pills before heading home. “I need to be sure you can do justice to my Candy.” Thursday evening, Janie again came over and spent the evening with Henry. She was the first of her group of friends to turn sixteen.He was in his early fifties and balding, but he had maintained a reasonably fit body with just a bit of a belly bulge. He favorite pastimes were watching TV and the girls across the street. Putting his arms around her waist, he grabbed both ass cheeks and squeezed firmly. “I’ll do my best to fill ’em.” Janie stayed with Henry until nearly dawn.

Much of it seemed to have gone to her boobs making them even larger. Most of the girls, including Candy wore t-shirts and cut-offs shorts, which offered a delightful view of their young bodies. When she didn’t come over right away, Henry was thinking Candy had changed her mind.

“I want you to fuck me.” Henry turned to Candy’s mother. Your teenaged daughter just asked me, a much older man, to fuck her virgin pussy.” “Henry, I’ve talked about sex with Candy for months. I’ll be here whenever you want me, and stay for as long as you like.” Janie added. He then sat Candy up and pushed her dress off her shoulders.

I wanted her to make better choices than I did when I was her age. “And I’ll come over now and then if you’d like to see me. Henry unhooked her bra and laid her back on his lap.

It was a warm spring Saturday, and Henry was enjoying a quiet and relaxing afternoon. “Now, we need to discuss this service I’ve been asked to perform. You need that week to think about what you asked me to do.” He then went into the kitchen for more wine. Her nipples were hard little pebbles trying to push through her thin bra.

He was sipping tea and watching his favorite old war movie on TV. Suribachi when an unexpected knock on his door took him away from the action. If you don’t mind, I will be recording this conversation on video.” Henry then quickly set up his video camera on its tripod and started it recording. Actually, he wanted to give Candy and her mother a chance to be alone to talk about what had been said. Gently pinching an erect nipple brought a soft groan from Candy.

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