Dynamically updating copyright dates definition seriation dating

How does one dynamically generate a copyright notice on a static page?

Therefore, if the claim is based on common law copyright (not formally registered), then the date should be the date of first publication.You can skip straight to the Copyright That Spans Several Years section below.To set up an .htaccess file, open a new file in a text editor like Notepad or Simple Text.Depending on the blogging platform you're using, you may not have access to the .htaccess file. A range of years next to your copyright symbol subtly reminds the visitor how long you've been in business or how long your website has been up. Arun Sinha is president of Access Communications, a digital marketing, content creation and web development company in Stamford, Connecticut, USA.Use the script to update the last year of your range. Visit more information on copy writing, websites, and Internet marketing.

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