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After millennia of supporting only a meagre hunter-gatherer existence, the area near the present-day border with Oman was found to be a rare source of copper.Pretty soon men learned to mine it, extract the metal, and mix it with tin to produce bronze.Dubai cultivates an ultra-modern image of dazzling architecture and effortless wealth.Yet its deserts conceal forgotten cities and a hidden history which reveal how its early inhabitants adapted and overcame dramatic past climate change.

The reason I ask is that as you can see from my earlier post I referred to Chris Endres's book.

The ‘Land of Magan’ as it was known rapidly became the major supplier of bronze for tools and weapons to the entire Middle East region, and in particular to the world’s first cities which were emerging in Sumeria at that time, cities such as Ur and Uruk.

Bronze helped make farming more efficient and civilization possible in these places.

Unlike the desert cities above, Julfar was a thriving port, in fact the hub of southern Gulf Arabic trade in the Middle Ages.

David Millar studied archaeology and glaciology at the Universities of Bristol and Cam shy bridge before working as a science journalist and editor in London Poverty soon drove him into the oil industry however as a result of which he...

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