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Des fouilles systématiques furent entreprises et publiées régulièrement dans le .

Sujet : O nome com que se batizou esta revista é decorrência da situação locacional do curso/cidade a que está vinculada: o programa de Pós Graduação em Geografia da Universidade Federal da Grande Dourados (UFGD).

Les dossiers thématiques valorisent les rencontres scientifiques organisées par le Centre de la Méditerranée Moderne et Contemporaine ou accueillent des initiatives extérieures.

est l’organe de publication des activités du Site et Musée romains d’Avenches ; il paraît depuis 1887.

Research topics mainly comprise the following disciplines and analyzing techniques: physical and chemical dating methods, analyses of artifacts, concerning provenance, technology and types of use ; environmental approaches, which provide information on past changes in landscape, climate, flora, and fauna ; anthropological studies dealing with diet, nutrition, health, and pathology of people ; mathematical methods for data treatment including the role of computers in handling, analyzing, and modeling the vast sources of data; remote-sensing and geophysical-survey applications, and conservation sciences involving the study of decay processes and the development of new methods of conservation.

, es una publicación miscelánea de carácter anual que, como el título de la colección indica, da cabida a trabajos de índole histórica, histórico-institucional, ediciones de documentos escritos o de interés metodológico, referentes especialmente al período anterior a la disolución del Antiguo Régimen.

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