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While the Bliss clarinets continued production and offered wonderful performance enhancements, there became a growing call for the Leblanc performance characteristics of old.

So, that meant that it was time for Leblanc to go back to the drawing board.

However, from my view, I feel that the tipping point was in 2009, when Leblanc released the Bliss clarinets.

As a result, I feel that the market started to forget the Leblanc brand at that point which means that for many people, Leblanc disappeared from the market 8 years ago.

The Serenade was the result of all of us at Leblanc/Conn-Selmer going back and looking quite closely at the previous instruments Leblanc had made and what made them successful.

In the USA, the Normandy and Noblet had quite a following so we decided to focus our attention on those instruments to start with.

Overall, I think the team at Leblanc did an outstanding job.

This clarinet has a rich tone that is absolutely in line with Julian’s description, but it has a response that is more in line with modern clarinets.

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