Dating in geneva

Brett W, Sep 7, 2011 @ This probably is your best bet!

..on glocals will be a sure fire hit for all the singletons of geneva to send you in "private message"...failing that try learning french..copy me and go back to UK as much as you can ;) GOOD LUCK P. Poor Omega Man..sounds like a good wing man though!

Did she ask him if they have Kangaroo's in Austria and if they are good to eat?

I hope he got her number, she could be Colonel Sanders daughter and that would mean she is Oprah Winfrey rich!

I wonder if somebody had something hopeful to say on the subject?

Or we start sth positive together, regular meet ups for fun, laugh, enjoying sharing, free hugs.. I have been in Geneva 3 months now, after Lausanne for 7 years.

If they say no, then either they are shy (so you could leave them your number and ask them to call you when they are ready), or else just not into you? Guy likes you, he tells you, he calls you, and then you can choose to out and get to know each other.

You're not in any doubt about what his intentions are...

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Dating in Geneva is interesting as you have a mix of people from all round the world with different styles of dating and expectations. If it's a casual hookup (that could perhaps turn into something more)then glocals events/bars seem to be the place where that happens.I am sure people don't want to be just hamsters running on the wheel of work.This is the first country where suffering because of lack of human interaction is so huge.If it's a casual hookup (that could perhaps turn into something more)then glocals events/bars seem to be the place where that happens.Otherwise just do your thing and enjoy life and when you see a girl you like when you are out and about go for it.

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