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The theme of the Retreat was "Annual Checkup: Maintaining the Mind, Body and Heart of the Chapter".

The retreat planning team was Di Juana Mc Dougal - TPC President, Edna Blue - VP of Membership, Kanika Capel, Esq., Eva Perry and Ruth Reid-Coleman.

In addition to providing tutoring, TPC presented the students with new backpacks for the school year.

Students at Burton Elementary School were also given backpacks by the Chapter.

During the November 11, 2017 Chapter meeting, the Archives and History Committee under the leadership of Chair, Cynthia B. Lizzie Harrell and past and present members of the committee. Harrell, the first Chair of TPC Archives was recognized for serving in that capacity for 8 years and for spearheading the organizing and categorizing of the collections during that time.

With a glass of "bubbly" provided to each Chapter member, Chair Cynthia Harrell made a toast to Dr.

TPC is proud of Arrica and salute her for her accomplishments.

Gloria Mc Neil, and received brochures and other literature. women will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime.

Members were also given memorabilia with the signature pink ribbon logo of breast cancer awareness. On Saturday, September 16, 2017, the Triangle Park Chapter Links volunteered their services to the Orange County Habitat for Humanity in the Chapel Hill Northside Community.

The effort was coordinated by the National Trends and Services Facet under the leadership of Chair Becky Beckwith-Scott and Co-Chair Senator Valerie Foushee.

The Triangle Park Chapter is pleased to announce its newest Alumna members!

During the October 14, 2017 chapter meeting, five of our esteemed members were honored as Alumna members.

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