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Women-Specific Environments Brittany says: Kampala does have a small Muslim population and there are gender restrictions associated with going to the mosque.

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They might come off a little rough around the edges, and this is either because they have bad intentions or because they’ve had a rough upbringing.

This practice is very socially acceptable, so assume that a man you are dating is also dating at least one other woman, even if he doesn’t tell you. Types of Men Brittany says: Student/Educated Young Person – They usually speak very good English, may have traveled internationally (or will have aspirations to do so), and will be easier to talk to and relate to than many other Ugandan men.

They will be interested in exchanging ideas and cultural practices.

Condoms are ubiquitous in pharmacies and large chain grocery stores.

You can also usually find them in clinics and hospitals.

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