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Committee: the Faculty Grievance Committee (described in Section IX. Subcommittee: three members of the Committee who assist in pursuing an informal grievance resolution.Informal Assistance: provided by three-member Subcommittee and includes advising all parties in an effort to achieve a resolution, conducting informal negotiations between the Grievant and other relevant persons, and recommending referral to an appropriate administrative officer or withdrawal or modification of the Complaint.

At the conclusion of its investigation, OCR will determine with regard to each allegation that: OCR’s determination will be explained in a letter of findings sent to the complainant and recipient.

Grievant: a faculty member who disputes a Grievable Action or Decision.

Grievable Action or Decision: Those administrative actions or decisions that are subject to these Grievance Procedures.

Letters of findings are not formal statements of OCR policy and they should not be relied upon, cited, or construed as such.

OCR’s formal policy statements are approved by a duly authorized OCR official and made available to the public.

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