Dating a martin trumpet imperial

My brother's horn has since been lost to a catastrophic house fire.) I'm about the fifth or sixth owner of the horn.

(We went to high school with Mic's then brother-in-law who is also a trumpet player, these horns were trickle-down.) I had to have a valve job done on it and the leadpipe replaced.

I don't think the result plays as openly as it did before, as I believe the leadpipe that was on it was also custom, but the valves don't stick anymore so that is good.

It is possible that the leadpipe customization was limited to reaming out the inside of the original leadpipe, I vaguely recall being told that the leadpipe was 'thin' in some way.

Such is the extent of the selection criteria when in grade school!

The choice of trumpet as my instrument in the first place can be laid squarely at the feet of Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass. [There is some conflicting information about who this was, I've also heard that it was Uan Rasey, Greg Wing, Jay Daversa, Ray Crisera... Whoever did it gets the credit here.]) After I got a Jet-Tone Custom 4B mouthpiece in high school (here you see Maynard Ferguson's influence, and indirectly, Mic Gillette's, along with a generous helping of ignorance) I tried cutting down the rim of the original Conn 4 mouthpiece to make it more comfortable to play.

If that were true, it's not surprising that it holed over time.

Idiot I, perhaps I should have just had it patched, or at least arranged to keep the old pipe, but I didn't know any better at the time.) I bought this horn around the time I resumed playing, in the local community band, after about a ten-year hiatus after college.

Later, when I went to do this, I couldn't find it; I scoured the case with no results, and later, the band room.My brother made some calls and found one of the horn series' original custom-fit cases that was being used to hold a trumpet, of all things. I contacted Mic, and he had this to say about the horn: I loved that horn.Is the Martin 6" bell the only bell you have for it?That worked, sort of, but the result was in no way superior to the Jet-Tone and it looked like crap so mostly it just sat in the case.I never played it enough to determine if the raw brass would be a problem for me or not.

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